Travels to Turkey

My incredible travels to Turkey in 2007

I want to play!

Posted by Mardee on February 25, 2007

Why does life and work get in the way of really important things: like planning trips? Right now, I’m procrastinating. I should be studying for the Kentucky bar exam, which is in a very few short days, but instead I’m here. Next thing you know, I’ll be scrubbing the kitchen floor (is it obvious I really don’t want to be studying…).

I have to rethink the night train now – maybe taking it to Ankara isn’t the best solution (thanks, Joe, for your thoughts). I’m a little worried about taking an Ambien, though – especially since I’ll be traveling by myself. I don’t like the idea of being completely dead to the world with no one looking after my “stuff.” But if I don’t take one, then I don’t get any sleep–and when you’re my age, if you don’t get any sleep, the next day is completely shot.

Things to think about…now back to Secured Transactions (yawn).


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