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My incredible travels to Turkey in 2007


Posted by Mardee on March 16, 2007

I really want to go to Antioch. I began re-reading “The Silver Chalice” by Thomas B. Costain a few days ago, and the book simply reeks with Biblical history. Much of the book takes place in Antioch (now Antakya) and tells of the beauty of the city. Evidently, much of the ancient city is now buried, but it would still be very cool to be in the presence of so much history. And some new “old” mosaics have been uncovered (see below). I’m not religious, but I am fascinated by religious history…okay, any history…so I’m dying to cover as much ground as possible.

The Cave Church of St. Peter is believed to have been dug by the Apostle Peter himself as a place for the early Christian community of Antioch to meet, and thus is reputed to be the first Christian church. At any rate, it is certainly one of the oldest.


2 Responses to “Antioch”

  1. Neil said

    I know this didn’t make your final list, so I thought I’d say that you’re not really missing a lot. Antakya is a great city, but you really have to look for the history. It’s probably the most modern, european style city we found in Turkey, or indeed anywhere we’ve been in the area. And, being rather distant from the tourist track, there aren’t a lot of services there to make it easy to access the sights either.

  2. Mardee said

    That’s good to know – it’s killing me that I have to miss so much stuff. But I’m making a list of recommendations like yours for my next trip.

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