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My incredible travels to Turkey in 2007

The Art of Packing

Posted by Mardee on May 1, 2007

I admit it – I’m a geek when it comes to packing. Every book on packing that has ever been written has passed through my house, and I own nothing larger than a carry-on. I will start packing 3-4 days before and play around with the order until it’s perfect. And I make sure I follow THE LIST. My packing list. The one I labor over and methodically review each day. What can I say ? It’s a sickness…

But I always have the last laugh – you’ll never catch me struggling with huge monster bags while I’m running to catch a train. One quick yank at my backpack and I’m off. The secret is to stick to no more than 3 colors – in my case, all my clothes are in neutral colors like black, tan and grey. That way I can mix and match and create about 6-7 outfits out of 3 sets of clothes.

I also only pack non-cotton wrinkle-free clothing, like the acetate Traveler’s Collection at Chicos. These clothes never wrinkle, they can take you from casual to dressy at the drop of a hat (or scarf), and best of all, they dry in a couple of hours. That’s important to someone (um…me) who washes her clothing in the hotel sink.


One Response to “The Art of Packing”

  1. Lucille Owens said

    Hi, I’ll be on an Around-the-World trip so was looking for info for cities along the way. THANKS FOR YOUR GREAT REPORT ON TURKEY. I won’t be able to spend so many days as you, but you have covered such interesting places with such detail that I couln’t stop reading. I’ve enjoyed every word and your pictures are outstanding.

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