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My incredible travels to Turkey in 2007

Goodbye to Turkey – Day 16

Posted by Mardee on May 20, 2007

Today is the day – I am extremely sad to leave this beautiful country but will be happy to get home again. I checked out and then headed for the airport van with my Aussie friends. We all got to Ataturk Airport around 8:30 am and said our goodbyes. Interestingly, the airport has everyone go through a metal detector and luggage screener as soon as you walk in. Then, after you’ve checked your luggage, you have to go through another one before you reach your gate. At that time, they not only electronically screen everything, they also manually go through everyone’s luggage (women inspect women’s luggage and men inspect the men’s). After that, everyone is given a pat-down search.

The flight was crowded, which surprised me. Two weeks ago, my flight to Istanbul was only half full. One of the flight attendants told me, however, that this is the beginning of “cruise ship season” and every port city in Europe will be like this until October. I think if I ever come back, I’ll push my dates back to April – I could definitely do without the crowds. And I couldn’t believe how much luggage these cruise ship passengers brought – some couples had up to 6 large bags! Ye gods!

Soon my Delta flight was winging its way back to the states and I was on my way home. I will never forget my time here, though, and the wonderful memories I have of this incredible country!


10 Responses to “Goodbye to Turkey – Day 16”

  1. Karin said

    I am really glad to have stumbled across your blog, as I leave for Turkey in 11 days. I enjoyed reading your accounts and descriptions immensely. Kudos to you for doing this solo… I will also be traveling by myself, although joining a small tour of 8 people once I arrive. Thanks again. I wish I could have left yesterday!

  2. Shelby said

    what a great travel blog you have – take care and happy day 🙂

  3. rhonda said

    thank you for the wonderful report. We have just decided to change our travel plans from Italy to Turkey in September and were wondering how to do this. your ideas and hints are very helpful. Will keep reading

  4. Hotel Break Checker

    Thanks, Interesting read.

  5. Dav said

    Dear friend,

    Thanks for letting us know some bits of your trip around Turkey. They have been, alongside the Lonely Planet guide, most useful for my own adventures in that country


  6. Liz said

    I backpacked on my own in Turkey for 6 wonderful weeks almost 15 years ago…now I am bringing my husband next month. Big question! Do the bus drivers still smoke on those big luxury buses?? I used to take overnight trips to save money but could never sleep b/c of the smoke!! Was wondering if anyone had experienced that?? As I remember those Turks love to smoke! 🙂 love to hear from anyone who knows…

  7. Hedeli Shaw said

    Really enjoyed reading about your Turkish trip.
    We were in Cappadocia in September, with a small walking group, but in May are going independently – first to Istanbul, then Cappadocia, then South to Marmaris to catch a boat to Rhodes!!

  8. dccat said

    Fantastic accounts of your travels!!

    I am going to Turkey for 10 days in September and am looking for a relaxing honeymoon spot on the coast for about 4 days – any top suggestions? Am thinking Antalya because it is easy to get to from Istanbul. Thanks!!!!

  9. Angeline said

    Hi Mardee,

    I am researching desperately for my trip to Turkey, which should be happening in about a month. I enjoyed reading your blog a lot, and some bits were just fabulously hilarious.

    Happy travels.

  10. aydin khan said

    Turkey is most beautiful country for floating entertainment. I had visited in may and that time was very romantic and pleasant.
    gulet cruises turkey

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