Travels to Turkey

My incredible travels to Turkey in 2007

About me

Afoot and lighthearted I take to the open road,
Healthy, free, the world before me,
The long brown path before me, leading wherever I choose.

I haven’t been everywhere but it’s on my list.


7 Responses to “About me”

  1. Nurdogan said

    Can we use some of your travel articles for our web sites ?
    Best wishes from Istanbul.

  2. Max Greenberg said

    ……would you know of excellent guides and drivers in Istanbul and Ephesus.

    thank you. Max

  3. Ata said

    hi ya,
    was reading your wonderful travel report, you organised your trip really well. I would love to join you on your next trip…


  4. altan said

    Hi Mardee You did really good job with this web page.Thank you very much for your comments to me.Greatings from Miami.

  5. Ashley said

    Hi Mardee,

    Your sharing your travel experience and pointers has made another solo female traveler’s travel dream come true!! For years, I’ve been trying to figure out how to safely do the Istanbul-Ephesus-Kusadasi-Samos-Pamukkale-Cappadocia-Istanbul itinerary on my own using only public transportations. Thanks to your blog, I now know how a solo female traveler can get around Turkey, what to see, and where to stay. I had already booked my flights for this October.

    Despite having been to Istanbul alone 2 times, I still don’t have your courage to eat anything that looks delicious (too worry about getting sick) and to jump on roadside Dolmus (too worry about safety). I shall follow your example in having trust in strangers and strange-looking food this time!

    Thank you for your informative and entertaining blog!


    • Mardee said

      I’m glad you enjoyed it. I did find that food in Turkey is very safe (probably safer than some in the US). 🙂 Have fun – I can’t wait to go back myself!

  6. Allison said

    Hi! I’m an American living in Netherlands with three children and planning trip to both Turkey and Greece this year. I found your blog off of Rick Steves forum. Bravo on the excellent job you have done. I will sit down tonight and really look it over in depth. I will be traveling with my husband and three kids- ages 9, 7 and 4. Any advice? Not sure if public transportion that would work with the kids either. Any advice you have would be appreciated. Again, love your website- the pics, details itinerary, added it to my favorites, and kudos to you.

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