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The Art of Packing

Posted by Mardee on May 1, 2007

I admit it – I’m a geek when it comes to packing. Every book on packing that has ever been written has passed through my house, and I own nothing larger than a carry-on. I will start packing 3-4 days before and play around with the order until it’s perfect. And I make sure I follow THE LIST. My packing list. The one I labor over and methodically review each day. What can I say ? It’s a sickness…

But I always have the last laugh – you’ll never catch me struggling with huge monster bags while I’m running to catch a train. One quick yank at my backpack and I’m off. The secret is to stick to no more than 3 colors – in my case, all my clothes are in neutral colors like black, tan and grey. That way I can mix and match and create about 6-7 outfits out of 3 sets of clothes.

I also only pack non-cotton wrinkle-free clothing, like the acetate Traveler’s Collection at Chicos. These clothes never wrinkle, they can take you from casual to dressy at the drop of a hat (or scarf), and best of all, they dry in a couple of hours. That’s important to someone (um…me) who washes her clothing in the hotel sink.


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